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Review: Oaka Books KS2 Living Things: Predators and Producers Game

We’ve been having a lot of fun this week playing Oaka Books’ Predators and Producers board game*. Designed to help reinforce and revise the KS2 Science Topic ‘Living Things’, this board game is a brilliant, educational take on the classic Snakes and Ladders. If you’ve not come across […]

Review: Picture News

As a qualified teacher I know only too well the preparation and time that goes into school assemblies. Assemblies can be an incredibly important opportunity to keep children engaged and up to date with ‘real world’ issues. I was therefore excited to hear of Picture News– a subscription […]

Review: Oaka Books

As a qualified teacher and former Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO) in a Secondary School, I’ve witnessed first hand the difficulties many visual learners face preparing for tests and exams. Quite often, children are expected to rely on their class books and large subject revision guides […]

Review: Twinkl Dyslexia Resources 

Helping children to understand and emphasise with difficulties their peers face, is incredibly important. Not only should it help reduce unkind words and bullying but in theory it should help to create a more accepting, kind and empathetic society. I was thrilled to discover that Twinkl have recently […]