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Mini Review: Snow 

Title: Snow  by Carol Thompson (Child’s Play Int.) Why do we love it? We woke up to a blanket of snow this morning-just like in the book! The beautiful illustrations perfectly capture the excitement children experience when they see snow!   What makes it Christmassy?  The excitement, the snow…and […]

Mini Review: Little Hazlenut 

Title: Little Hazlenut  Why do we love it? I don’t just love this book, I’m in love with this book. It’s the most exquisite book. Photographs don’t do it justice. The pop-up mechanisms are so clever and the illustrations so detailed that it feels like the birds have landed […]

Mini Review: Is It Christmas Yet? 

Title: Is It Christmas Yet? By Jane Chapman (Little Tiger Press) Why do we love it? It captures the chaos (and impatience!) of getting prepared for Christmas perfectly!  What makes it Christmassy?  Christmas tree choosing, present wrapping and the big day itself! Want to buy it for Christmas? Click on […]

Mini Review: Winter (Seasons) 

Title: Winter (Seasons)by Ailie Busby (Child’s Play Int.) Why do we love it? Gorgeous pencil drawn illustrations and detailed descriptions capture wintertime through a child’s eyes.  What makes it Christmassy?  Snuggles, snow, stories and soup! I challenge you not to feel Christmassy after reading this!  Want to buy […]

Mini Review: Dear Santa 

Title: Dear Santa by Rod Campbell Why do we love it? It’s Rod Campbell’s Christmas version of Dear Zoo but instead of opening boxes to reveal zoo animals, you ‘open’ presents!  What makes it Christmassy? It features 🎅🏻 Santa and lots of presents 🎁!  Want to buy it for Christmas?Click on the […]

Mini Review: The Christmasaurus 

Title:  The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher Why do we love it? What’s not to love- it’s magical, heart-warming, features a dinosaur (..and did I mention it’s written by Tom Fletcher from McFly) What Makes it Christmassy? Beautiful wintery illustrations by Shane Devries, set on Christmas Eve and it features […]