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The teachers say my child is ‘absolutely fine’ in school..yet when they get home it’s a different story. What am I doing wrong?

I’ve been asked my advice this week on what to do if a child is having difficulties with their emotions and or behaviour when they get home from school. In my experience, this is incredibly common. And it can happen for a number of reasons such a hunger […]

The Importance of Rewards

Rewarding children for good behaviours, such as bedtime routines, toilet training, fussy eating and sharing toys can be an extremely successful way of reinforcing and increasing the frequency of such behaviours. Reward charts are a fantastic, visual mechanism of displaying when a child achieves them.   Reward charts […]

6 ways to Encourage Turn-Taking

Taking turns can be a very difficult concept for children, especially toddlers. Usually for two reasons: Firstly: any toy that they are holding/playing with (or even any toy that they can see!) is genuinely viewed by them as their own toy. Therefore, they don’t think it’s fair to […]