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Home Learning Activity: Making a Nest Craft and Writing Activity

Create your very own, very cute, nests together using leaves you’ve collected from outside as well as some pom poms for the chick! A gorgeous activity that then can be used as a writing prompt. (If you like this video, head over to my YouTube channel here as I’ve done […]

Best Phonics Resources

Whether you’re a parent looking for phonics resources to help your child’s learning at home, or you’re a teacher looking for some useful resources to recommend to parents: we’ve searched, trialed and tested LOTS of phonics books, online programmes and workbooks and have whittled down our list to […]

Home Learning Videos on YouTube

I’ve just launched our YouTube channel with a series of daily home learning videos ‘Ways to Learn Through Play (by The SEN Resources Blog)‘ to help support families. I’ve also launched a Facebook group to help support each other when the children are learning from home, here. They […]