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Review: Spell Wizards

Spelling can be a real area of difficulty for many children, including those with Special Educational Needs. Trying to encourage their children to practise weekly spelling lists for school can also be a challenging issue for parents. I was therefore very pleased to discover Spell Wizards* this week, […]

Review: Phonics Bloom

Searching for high quality, online learning games for children can be a bit of a minefield. The quality of online games varies significantly and it can be difficult to find ones that correctly support your child’s learning at school. It can also be tricky to find a game […]

Review: Carter’s Yard Phonics Flash Cards 

Is your child currently learning to read using Phonics? Supporting their reading at home is so important. But if your struggling to remember your digraph from your trigraph, you can’t quite get your head round segmenting and blending and you are doubting yourself with pronouncing all the phonemes..don’t […]