Review: Primary World Explorer Rectangular Carpet

We’ve been looking into all the best resources for supporting young children when learning about our world this week! Have a read of all our favourite Geography resources here. One of the resources we particularly loved was this Primary World Explorer Rectangular Carpet by Early Year Resources. This […]

Review: EverDreamerz by Playmobil

This week we’ve been very fortunate to be able to try out a sample of the new range of toys by Playmobil, EverDreamerz. If you’ve not come across them yet, EverDreamerz centres around 5 best friends who come as collectable figures. Each figure comes complete with accessories in […]

Review: Maths Factor by Carol Vorderman

Over the last few weeks we’ve been trying out The Maths Factor, which is an online maths learning platform designed for children aged 4-12 years old, by Carol Vorderman. And I’d highly recommend it, as it cleverly combines short video tutorials with maths games and practise activities. It’s […]

How to Make your Super Hero Mask!

We are challenging you to make your very own superhero mask! Either following our instructions, or going with your own idea. As always, we’d love to see your designs! Show us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or send us an email. How to make a super hero mask: […]

Make a super hero from a vegetable!

We tried out Twinkl’s fabulous EYFS craft activity to make our very own Super Potatoes! A super activity that has my children in giggles throughout. The resource pack for this activity can be found here and includes everything you need to create a ‘super potato’ from instructions to […]

Design your Super Hero

Challenge your kids to design your very own super hero! Why not download our free template (here) to colour in and add to, or draw your own. Have a think about: – What’s your super hero name? – What are their powers? – Where do they live? – […]