Sponsor Me to walk 1 Million Steps in 100 Days for Autistic Girls Network

Before the Christmas holidays, I spoke to Cathy Wassell who is the CEO of the Autistic Girls Network- a charity who support autistic girls and their families.

I was genuinely quite upset hearing from her about the impact of lack of/late diagnosis for many autistic girls. Many go through primary school without any support as they haven’t being given an autism diagnosis until they are teenagers or even later. I was almost in tears when I heard that some experience a mental health crisis in their teens before being noticed. Have a read of their blog post here, you’ll understand why I was so upset.

Keen to help in some small way and raise more awareness for their charity, I decided yesterday to take part in their fundraising opportunity. I’ll be (hopefully!!) walking one MiLLiON steps in the next 100 days to raise money for them, so they can further support families and young people.

But this is where I (awkwardly!) ask for your help! Please, if you can spare a couple of pounds could you sponsor me. It genuinely an amazing charity and walking 5 miles a day is going to be a really big challenge for me.

Here’s the link to sponsor me

If you can’t sponsor me at this time (I know it’s a rubbish time of year to ask for money) can I ask you instead to share this post on social media or email.

Thank you!

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