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Dinosaur Activities (week 4 of our free online summer club) #CatchUpOnPlaying

It’s the start of our fourth week of our Free Online Summer Club (#CatchUpOnPlaying) !!

The theme for this week is ‘dinosaurs‘ and we’d love you to use play this week to learn about them. We’ve created a list of fun dinosaur based activities to try, feel free to adapt them to suit your child. (If your child isn’t into this, don’t worry you could adapt the activities to another theme too)

It turns out there’s a lot of content about dinosaurs on my blog (who knew!) so please enjoy having a look through at the ideas and activities.

Here’s some further info and instructions for some of the activities above:

How to make dinosaur fossils with salt dough – Click to find out the recipe to make the salt dough (it is so much easier than I remembered and you’ll almost definitely have the ingredients in your cupboard). The results are fantastic and can make a lovely keep-sake for kids.

How to make salt dough dinosaur bones – Another salt dough activity, have a read to find out the recipe and how to help your child to create some realistic dinosaur bones themselves. Again, they make a fab keep-sake for kids afterwards.

Dinosaur Shadow drawing- how to – One of the most popular activities on the blog, using dinosaurs for shadow drawing. There’s a different version in my book too ‘100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play‘ so do check it out if you can.

Here are some other Dinosaur Activities that I’ve created on the blog

Dinosaur paper weave activity – A brilliant, fine-motor based activity that is wonderful for helping children also with their hand-eye coordination. Find out more about fine motor skills here and some resources to help with fine motor here

Make a dinosaur egg with paper mache – I love this activity! So much fun! Even better if your children paint it afterwards (mine couldn’t wait to play instead!).

– Dinosaur made from a paper cup – Really easy to set up, great results and brilliant for fine motor skills and creativity.

Dinosaur Books for Children

If you’re looking for books about dinosaurs , here’s our favourites

Other resources

Find some more recommended dinosaur activities, books, puzzles, models and toys on our blog here (I hadn’t realised until today how many posts on here are about dinosaurs!!)

I’ve also got a book out with lots of ideas, including lots that are dinosaur themed! It’s called 100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. And you can purchase as a hard copy or on kindle. Have a look here

If you’ve got some exciting ideas or would like to share what you’ve been up to, please email us and chat on our Facebook group here

All of this is free, but if you fancy saying thank you with a virtual cup of coffee you can do so here.

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