STEM based activities for Kids

We’ve created a list of activities for children to learn about science, technology, maths and engineering. Feel free to adapt them to suit your child. (If your child isn’t into this, don’t worry you could adapt the activities to another theme too)

Here’s some further info and instructions for some of the activities above:

How to Make a Toy Parachute- Video and Instructions

Here are some other STEM Activities that I’ve filmed

Other STEM Based activities you could try:

  • Rainbow Science– Kids will LOVE this. So beautiful and yet easy to set up.

  • Car Park Maths– Fun activity to help with either number recognition or addition and subtraction through play.

If you’re looking for books for STEM, here’s our favourites

I’ve also got a book out with lots of ideas! Have a look here

If you’ve got some exciting ideas or would like to share what you’ve been up to, please email us and chat on our Facebook group here

All of this is free, but if you fancy saying thank you with a virtual cup of coffee you can do so here.

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