Phase 2 Phonics Activities (And Downloadable Activity Pack)

What is Phonics?

Phonics is a way that children can learn to read and write. It helps children listen out for and focus on the sounds that make up a word. Once they start learning these sounds that make up the words then can blend them together to read and write simple words. The Dfe’s Letters and Sounds programme is made up of various phases of phonics. Starting at phase 1 and going up to phase 6.

Last week I wrote about Phase 1 Phonics and showed you my brand new downloadable activity pack for Phase 1 Phonics, which you can download here.

This week I’m writing about Phase 2 phonics and what it actually is.

Phase 2 Phonics

Phase 2 is the second stage of phonics taught as part of the DFE’s Letters and Sounds program. In Phase 2 Phonics of the DFE’s Letters and Sounds program, letters and their sounds are introduced individually and often a set of letters is taught each week. This is the order the Letters and Sounds program follows:

• s,a,t,p
• i,n,m,d
• g,o,c,k
• ck,e,u,r
• h,b,f,ff,l,ll,ss

Children practise how to recognise these sounds, recall them, form and write them and orally blend and segment. They also practise blending them to read VC (vowel consonant) words (for example ‘on’) and CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words (for example ‘cat’)

I’ve made an activity pack full of fun, play based activities that you can download and either access on your tablet, phone or computer. Or you can print it off so you have a paper copy.

Download my Phase 2 Phonics Activity Pack here now.

Or become a paid member of my site and access this activity pack, the Phase 1 activity pack and all the activity packs I will be putting on here this year. See details below:

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