Chalk Roads- activity idea #SENResourcesSummer

Its Transport Week on The #SENResourcesSummer summer holiday online club! Inspired by this weeks competition on our Facebook page to win a Giant Road Puzzle by orchard Toys (enter here) we are setting you the lovely, easy task today to keep your little ones entertained:

Make a chalk road!


What do you need?

  • Paving stones/concrete
  • chalk
  • toy cars
  • Sprinkle of imagination!

How to do it?

Simply draw roads onto the paving stones with chalk then play with cars on it! Keeps them entertained for ages!

Why not add some pretend buildings and make a village? Or some toy farm animals for a farm

-If you don’t have outdoor space or don’t fancy chalk in your garden, you can always draw this out on a big piece of paper or card. 

Please (parents/carers only) share any photos of your challenges on social media if you’d like! Use the hashtag #SENRESOURCESSUMMER and tag us in it (details below). You can also email us it 





*Disclaimer: As with all activities on our site, we accept no responsibility for any injuries, harm etc. Please risk assess all activities yourself based on the people and children taking part. 


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