Making Stop Motion Videos Educational!

As part of our home schooling today we’ve been having a go at making stop motion videos with Lego!

Have a look on YouTube to see what we’ve been doing in today’s episode of our free daily home learning videos here and how we made it educational.

For those who’ve not seen them before, stop motion videos are where you take stills (photos) and then move the figures slightly then take another still etc and use an app to collate them into a moving video!

I was very keen to make this really educational and use it a motivation to get some written work done. So we planned out the story together first and then created a storyboard plan of the video.

Feel free to download our free storyboard template to print here.

Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 12.46.08

Creating storyboards are a great way of structuring written work for children, they also space out the written work making it less daunting for children than a blank piece of paper.

It can be challenging to work out how to split the story into the boxes. So what we did was we got ours to tell us the his story and we wrote it all down then helped him split it into 6 sentences to then write in his storyboard.

You could also write sentence starters in the boxes to help get them started or even write out the spellings of key words on a separate sheet for them to refer to.

Watch our episode in full here to find out exactly what we did and how we made it educational

We are filming and publishing these free videos of home learning ideas on our YouTube channel every day whilst the schools are closed. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can see them when we launch each one!

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