Review: Sock Shop’s Kid’s Range of Bamboo Socks (Plus 10% off Discount Code!)

With school just around the corner, we thought it was a good time to try out the Kid’s Range of Bamboo Socks from Sock Shop.

You may be thinking, “Why am I reading about socks on The SEN Resources Blog? When they usually write about learning resources, books and toys?” …but please bear with me as there’s a very VERY good reason:

Socks can be a huge problem for many children.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard about parents struggling to find socks that their children are happy to wear and feel comfortable in. This can particularly be a problem for some children with Special Educational Needs such as Autism and or Sensory Processing Disorder.

Bumpy seams, tight hems, itchy labels and even the shape of the sock heel can be incredibly uncomfortable and distressing for some children.

In my experience, socks can also be uncomfortable for children with eczema, with labels and seams rubbing and irritating their eczema. I’ve experienced children with eczema on their feet disliking wearing socks all together, for these reasons.

And when you’re a parent who is shopping for socks for your child ready for school, or for younger children’s every day use, finding the right ones to keep your child comfortable and happy is important.

We were kindly sent a couple of pairs of socks from the Bamboo Range from Sock Shop to try out*

What did we like about Sock Shop’s Kids Bamboo Range?

  • Comfort – The toe seam is linked with a single thread meaning the socks feel almost seamless, which as we’ve explained earlier, can be incredibly important for many children; including autistic children and or children with Sensory Processing Disorder. The socks also have a ‘comfort cuff’ which basically means the top of the sock shouldn’t feel tight on the leg but still stays up! Which again is a great feature to help children with sensory difficulties.

  • Bamboo Benefits– Whilst we were aware of the environmental benefits of bamboo socks (with bamboo being sustainable and biodegradable) we weren’t aware of the comfort benefits until hearing about Sock Shop’s Socks. We’ve since read tonnes of advantages of bamboo fibre socks including antifungal and antibacterial properties, ability to keep your feet at a better temperature and their kindness on sensitive skin. We found they definitely kept our little one’s feet cooler on hot days and were soft and comfortable on their sensitive and eczema prone skin.

  • Encourage Independence– We loved how stretchy they were. This didn’t just make them more comfortable, the stretch also really helped the children put their socks on easily by themselves. For children starting school or already at school, being able to put socks on themselves is really useful and it does wonders for their self esteem and feelings of independence.

Find out more on Sock Shop’s Website here and use Our 10% Discount Code ‘SEN10’

*Please note we were sent some samples for the purpose of this review and this post is sponsored. All words and opinions are our own.

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