My Two ‘Must Have’ Resources for Helping Children Learning to Read

There’s a lot of fantastic resources for helping children to learn to read and to help support them when they are reading. (Look at our tips of how to teach your child to read here)

For learning to read with Phonics, (the way that most primary schools currently teach how to read in the UK) we have a whole blog post dedicated to our favourite Phonics Resources here.

But I do have TWO ‘go to’ resources that I particularly love to help support children when reading and these two resources have become my ‘must have’ aids!

  • Visual Tracking Reading Windows– These have been a bit of a game changer for us. Not only are they a fantastic resource for many children with dyslexia and or children who struggle with visual tracking, but we’ve found for anyone who’s starting to learn how to read they can be extremely beneficial. They are simply a ruler with a gap in the middle that enables the child to just see one line of text at a time. This helps them focus on the words they are trying to read in the right order and prevents them from being overwhelmed or confused by all the other words around them. It also helps them to keep their place in a large amount of text or paragraph. One thing we also love about them is that they have coloured translucent inserts that allow you to ‘change’ the background colour of the text you are reading! For some children, in particular those with dyslexia, different coloured overlays can make a huge difference to their ability to focus on, see the letters clearer and read the words.

I’ll be honest, I’m becoming a little bit obsessed with these books for teaching reading! They are fab. And what makes them stand out is the array of topics and stories they cover. They aren’t ‘baby ish’ books and kids (in my experience) don’t see them as ‘reading books’ that they have been told to read but as books they’d actually like to read. This is mainly down to the vast range of topics they cover and how they are also non-fiction books too. Have a look at their range here. They cover everything from Star Wars to Dinosaurs!

*Please note we were sent resources for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own.

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  1. Great to be able to obtain non fiction children’s levelled ‘reading’ books as not all children are excited by fiction. My son wasn’t particularly keen to learn to read he would have preferred to be making something so I would buy things for him to make and he would have to read the instructions in order to complete task.

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