Alphabet Activity

Three Fun Resources to Help Children Learn How to Write the Letters of the Alphabet

We’ve been learning how to form the letters of the alphabet this week and discovered three brilliant resources by Learning Resources UK that make writing the letters of the alphabet fun!

In my experience, it’s important that children learn to correctly form the letters of the alphabet at the start as it’s difficult to break ‘bad habits’ when they are older. But learning to form the letters doesn’t have to be done with just a pen and paper, when children are learning it’s fun to use more creative ways. In my opinion, young children should be learning through play and not only do more creative ways make it more engaging but they often help develop other pre-requisite skills such as fine motor skills. Find out more about Fine Motor Skills here.

So which products would we recommend to help children learn to form the letters of the Alphabet?

1. Learning Resources Wipe Clean Pockets– Fast becoming my favourite learning resource EVER. They have so many uses and are great value. You just pop in a worksheet, or even write on a piece of paper and put it inside the plastic wallet. Then the child can write ‘on it’ with the whiteboard maker. Once finished they can then use the mini board rubber on the other side of the pen to clean it! Ready to use again. Theres also a handy elastic at the top of the wallet to keep the pen in.

Not only does this mean worksheets can be used over and over again, but we discovered the novelty of the wallets made children more enthused to try them. In terms of writing the letters of the alphabet we drew the letters on paper (if you want to you can download our letter worksheet printable for free here) and the children practised forming the letters of the alphabet by drawing over the top of them.

2. Letter Moulds  These are great fun! Add them to some sand and let the children form the letters by pushing them into it or filling them up (we used Kinetic Sand as it was a bit wet outside this weekend to be trying the sandpit). As I overheard my little one say: “It’s like making letter sandcastles” Brilliant! Not only is it fun, but it helps children learn how the letters of the alphabet are formed and gets them more familiar with them. We tried out the lower case letter moulds but we were pleased to see they also have upper case letter moulds.

3.Learning Resources Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set We love Playfoam (have a look at our other reviews of Playfoam here) it’s a great sensory, versatile, mess-free and fun learning resource that keeps kids entertained for ages. This set is particularly brilliant as with it are alphabet cards; complete with arrows to depict the correct formation of the letters. Children use the playfoam to cover over the letter shapes, practising forming them correctly with their hands!


Why not head over to Learning Resources Uk’s Website to find out more about their products.



•Please note we received samples of products for the purpose of this blog post and this post is sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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