Make Your Own ‘Ourselves Emotion Fans’ on Twinkl

Our next focus on The SEN Resources Blog is all about helping children to understand their own emotions.

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And we were excited to find that Twinkl, as part of their vast range of resources for this topic, have emotion fans that you can make yourself. Find it on Twinkl here

What’s an emotion fan?

It’s a collection of pictures and words depicting the main emotions we feel, fastened together with a paper fastener so that you can look at each card easily.

What did we like about it?

  • Portable– I loved that this resource fits in your pocket and you can carry it round for when you need it. Great to be able to get out and use ‘in the moment’ when a child might be struggling with their emotions, asking them which card they most feel like and why. We also found it worked as a nice distraction tool to help calm upset children down, as they were interested in how the fan moved round and what pictures were on it.

  • Children Can Help Make It– If you’re struggling for time to make this resource you’ll be pleased to know the kids can help make it. They can use it as an opportunity to practise scissor skills cutting out the cards and there are even ones to add pictures onto. Having spaces to personalise the cards also means they are differentiated, as it can help stretch children’s understanding of emotion to draw their own pictures etc.

  • Opens Up Discussions– This fan is great for encouraging conversations about emotions. Children can look at the pictures and words and try to work out how they think the person is feeling and even discuss why they might be feeling that way.
  • Engaging– I can’t put my finger on it- but there’s definitely something about paper fasteners that kids love!!? The children found this so much more exciting than if they had just been on cards. Great hook for getting children engaged in the activity. (Just make sure you supervise with the paper fasteners)

Find it on Twinkl here.

*Please note we have received a complimentary subscription to Twinkl, however all opinions and words are our own

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