Dinosaur week

Making Dinosaur Skeletons with Pasta!

Is your little one dinosaur mad? Or are you covering a Dinosaur theme at your education setting? Either way this craft is a really fun way to engage kids in craft and practising their fine motor skills!

What do you need?

  • Uncooked Pasta- fantastic if you’ve got a few different types (please note it can be a choking hazard)
  • PVA glue
  • Card
  • Pen

What do you do?

  • Draw an outline of a dinosaur/it’s skeleton. Depending on the child’s ability they may be able to do this themselves.

  • Encourage the child to follow the lines with PVA glue (Following the line with the glue is a great alternative for developing pencil control, as they are learning to follow the shapes of the line. Pencil control is important when learning to write)

  • Children can then choose the dried pasta and stick it on the line, pretending the pasta pieces are the dinosaurs bones making up its skeleton. Picking up and sticking down the pasta is great for children’s pincer grip and fine motor skills (find out more about fine motor skills here).

  • Leave to dry!

What can children learn from this activity:

– Fine Motor Skills- picking up and placing the pasta in the correct places.


– Numeracy- Many opportunities, including estimating the number of pasta pieces they will need, counting the pasta etc.

Download and print our dinosaur outlines for free by clicking on the images below:

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