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Review: Twinkl Dyslexia Resources 

Helping children to understand and emphasise with difficulties their peers face, is incredibly important. Not only should it help reduce unkind words and bullying but in theory it should help to create a more accepting, kind and empathetic society. I was thrilled to discover that Twinkl have recently produced some resources with the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) to do just this- provide dyslexia awareness for children. 

The resources include an informative video for children called  ‘See Dyslexia Differently‘  Dom Wood (TV Presenter, who many (like me!) may remember from the double act Dick and Dom) introduces the video and briefly explains his own personal experiences of having Dyslexia. 

The video then becomes an animation that illustrates the key difficulties children with Dyslexia may face and the positive attributes children with Dyslexia may have. 

There’s various worksheets and activities to accompany this video, we decided to try out the KS1 Positive about Dyslexia Activity Sheet. The idea is that children watch the video then write or draw all the positive characteristics they can think of that individuals with Dyslexia might have. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Video Presenter– We loved that they’ve chosen a childrens TV Celebrity as the narrator and presenter. Not only does it make the video more engaging for children but it helps normalise Dyslexia and prove that it shouldn’t hold children back from their dreams. 
  • Animation– The animation is brilliant. It is concise and  uses ‘cool’ characters and bold colours it keeps children interested. 

  • Worksheet– The resource we tried (KS1 Positive about Dyslexia Activity Sheet) had clear objectives, simple layout and options of ways to complete it (written or picture form). I particularly liked that it focuses on the positive attributes of Dyslexia, showing children with and without Dyslexia the   brilliant things some people with Dyslexia can do and achieve. 

    * Please note, we have been provided with a free subscription to Twinkl in return for reviewing their resources, however (as always) all thoughts, words and opinions are our own. 

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