Top products to help kids sleep 

This week I’ve been writing all about sleep on my blog. We’ve reviewed some new products, discussed routines and had a wonderfully honest and open guest post
From the comments and discussions it’s clear that what works for one child doesn’t necessarily work for another. But also that it’s always useful to try new things. So with that in mind
here are the Top Products that helped MY kids sleep, they are the things that have worked for us and that I highly recommend. 

1.SweetDreamers ewan the dream sheep® – purple

I think I genuinely owe my sanity to this fluffy, musical sheep! Thanks to its front right paw (which plays a gently lullaby when pressed), I gained some precious hours of sleep in the early days with my two children as babies. 

2. The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep: A New Way of Getting Children to Sleep

And The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fall Asleep: A New Way of Getting Children to Sleep

We started out with the Rabbit version two years ago with my first child and I was genuinely amazed with how it helped my toddler fall asleep. It was like we hypnotised him! We used it so much that I could recite it word for word. 

We then bought the Elephant version for our second child and although it’s not worked quite as well for her..yet. We preferred the illustrations. 

3. I only came across Summer Infant Slumber Melodies Bear through trialling it for my blog this week. But it’s already made it into my top 5 Sleep products. As I’ve written in my blog post here, the bear has genuinely settled my little one back to sleep with its music. Such a clever bear! 

4. Slumbersac Sleeping Bag With Feet 2.5 Tog – Simply Owl – various sizes
 We didn’t need this with our first child, but our second is NOT happy in a sleeping bag and wants freedom! These sleeping bags with legs have been great as it’s meant she can move around easier, walk…and climb! But she’s not kicking off loose covers and getting cold at night. 

5. Silentnight Anti-Allergy Pillow Protector, Pack of 2 We were recommended these by a nurse at our GP surgery due to allergies and eczema. I honestly thought it wouldn’t make any difference but was willing to try anything to get more sleep. And within a week we were already seeing the benefits, eczema seemed better and as a result he slept better and settled easier. Cannot thank the nurse enough. 

What products do you swear by for getting more sleep? Please write in the comments section below (I always read and reply!) 

*this post contains Amazon Affiliate links.  For more details see here in my ‘About me’ section. 

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  1. Thanks for posting this, two of our kids are awful at getting to sleep (our youngest is still chatting to herself now… it’s 10pm!). Will definitely be trying the rabbit who wants to fall asleep with her, she loves bunnies x

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  2. There is some great advice here! We also found some apps very helpful, they have sounds of waves crashing on a beach etc. Even though the days of little ones needing them to settle have passed, I have found myself returning to the apps to help me doze off!

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    • Thanks for the comment Becky! Ooh I’ve not tried apps, might give that a go- do they have any that will help with molar teething though?! That’s my current issue! Haha love that you’re now using the apps for yourself! So lovely to hear from you xxx


  3. We use The Baby Whisperer sleep training method. Works like a charm! Highly recommend it to anyone with babies.

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  4. My little boy had a teddy and has only just stopped sleeping with it (he’s now 4). My little girl was bought a dream sheep and I was reluctant but gave in and it was wonderful. We used it every night to signal bed and she would feed to it and be asleep with in minutes. #Blogstravaganza

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  5. That book about the rabbit (and the elephant one as well) is one of the few things in this world that makes me a little bit proud of my country of birth (Sweden) ☺️
    That sheep looks really sweet! 😍
    Have you tried the Tranquil Turtle nightlight, which projects moving waves on your ceiling and walls, plus plays the sound of waves or music? We haven’t tried it, but it seems lovely x


  6. Ah I’ve not come across the sleeping bags with feet holes before – great idea! Our gro-clock has been INVALUABLE! We still use it (the kids are 7 & 3) and we purposefully set it an hour later over the weekend so we can all get a bit of a lie-in – it’s bliss! #blogcrush

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    • I’d forgotten how good the Gro clock is, we rely on it in the summer to avoid those ridiculously early wake ups! Will have to add it to my list as the mornings get lighter. Very clever idea setting it later on the weekend- genius! I will be doing that! Thanks!


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