Developing Language & Communication Skills- Interactive Nursery Rhymes!

Have you ever wondered why generations upon generations have taught their children Nursery Rhymes? Is there still a place for them in our kid’s childhood? 

In my opinion- absolutely!
Nursery rhymes are great fun and they are fabulous for developing children’s language and communication skills. 

What else can children gain from nursery rhymes? 
Early Phonic Skills– phonics are an important component of many children’s education- helping them to learn to read. Nursery rhymes help develop early phonics by children hearing sounds and repeating them then blending them to make words. 

Social skills– one of the best things about nursery rhymes is the social benefit. Often sung in groups it helps children build relationships with other children. It can also be a wonderful bonding experience between parents and children.

Language Development– through repetition of key words and phrases children’s language and vocabulary is extended. 

–  Rhyme and Rhythm–  Nursery rhymes are a great introduction into rhymes and rhythmn. 

Non verbal communication skills– it’s not just language that is debeloped. Through the actions that accompany many nursery rhymes, children can develop non-verbal communication. 

How can you make nursery rhymes even more engaging? 

Here’s what we did:

Example: Hickory Dickory Dock

  • Incorporated this fun, puppet book by Little Learners (Parragon Books)

  • Made our own ‘clock’ to run our toy mouse up and down! This also helped them develop their understanding of time/numbers. 


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  1. Nursery rhymes are great because they are simple and repetitive making them easy for kids to learn. Peachy is turning 2 this weekend and she loves nursery rhymes. We make up hand gestures to go along with the words and she tries to sing along even though she doesn’t know the words. She’s getting much better and copying the melody and she has been trying to copy the sounds and words. When I ask her if she wants to sing Old MacDonald she immediately yells out E I, E I, E I. Hasn’t mastered the O part yet. Thanks for sharing with #Blogstravaganza.

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    • Sounds adorable! Lovely that she’s using communication with hand gestures to support her singing. Can’t beat nursery rhymes for children’s learning- they are fab aren’t they! Hope she has a lovely birthday this weekend. Thanks for commenting.

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