Educational Book Review

Review: Autism Parenting Magazine

As a tutor for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)( it is incredibly important for me to keep up to date with current SEN issues.

Working in a school enabled me to discuss ideas with my colleagues, whereas working for myself means it is imperitive that I read about SEN on a regular basis.

In my search for magazines relating to SEN I stumbled upon Autism Parenting Magazine.

Initially I was a little disappointed that they are an entirely digital magazine now, as I love turning the pages of a physical, paper magazine.

However, my disappointment soon disappeared when I downloaded the Autism Parenting App onto my iPhone and realised the major advantages of a portable, digitally stored magazine.
Not only did it mean I could read issues wherever, whenever but it also saved my page for me. Something that any busy mum will appreciate!

I must point out, it’s not just those with iPhones/iPads that can download the app. It’s also available as a PDF and on android devices.

The first page of each magazine gives you a quick guide of how to navigate the app. It is a really nice and simple guide, which is exactly what you need.

What about the magazine itself?

I loved it! I found it a very useful insight into the world of parents with a child with Autism. Each magazine I’ve read so far, has a range of interesting articles and the overall ‘feel’ or ethos of the magazine is positive and supportive.

My favourite article to date, is this one:

A gorgeous, uplifting article by Tim Landucci about a fathers love for his little girl and the power of embracing a new way of parenting.


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