Developing Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are important for many reasons, including gaining the ability to write. I’ve found the following activities helpful in developing fine motor skills: 

  • Play dough- rolling, cutting and generally playing with play dough is a fun way to develop this skill.
  • Colouring/ drawing/painting- this can be differentiated in many ways with chunky crayons/felt tips, water pens, finger paints.   
  • Threading/beading- there are some brilliant products out there for this, including chunky, wooden, animal shapes that can be threaded.
  • Sorting activities- either shop bought wooden and plastic toys or sorting activities made yourself using pasta and rice. 
  • Textured books  
  • Books or toys with buttons 
  • Construction toys eg duplo
  • Squeezing rubber/textured/stress balls 
  • Cutting activities- again this can be differentiated by the type of scissors used and the task. My current favourite is making festive snowflakes  




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